OllyDog Mt. Tam Hands-Free Leash Review


This last Monday, Gracie and I went hiking with my friend Krista. We hiked Blood Mountain in North Georgia. It was a beautiful hike, as all of the leaves were changing colors.


Since we finally went on a hike, I was able to try out Gracie’s new OllyDog Hands-Free Leash. If you do not know what a hands-free leash is, it is basically a leash that attaches like a belt around your waist. It is great for runners or hikers, or really any activity that you need your hands and to walk your dog at the same time. The cool thing about OllyDog’s Mt. Tam leash is that you can change the size of the handle to be either a regular leash or a belt leash. It also has an elastic section to absorb any shock from sudden stops or turns.


My thoughts are that this leash would be absolutely wonderful for running with your dog. However, if you are going down a steep mountain, your dog, especially if he or she is a dog that loves running, might get a little too excited and practically pull you down the mountain with the leash attached to your waist. Lol. Graice, mostly due to her breed’s passion for running and pulling things, wanted to go at a much faster pace down hill than I was comfortable with. However, the elastic on the hands free leash encouraged this behavior more than a normal leash would. I think that we hiked down the mountain in half the time it took to get up it!


Honestly, the leash is not all that bad. I really like that you can change the size of the handle, that way when I do not want it around my waist, I can change it. Of course, this was only my first time using the leash. As I use it more and become more familiar with its features, I will update this review.

For now, Gracie and I give OllyDog’s Mt. Tam Hands-Free Leash 4 paws up!!

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-BarkWorld Expo 2015!!

-The H2M2 North Georgia Meetup

-Katie and Gracie

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