Isabella’s Pet Shop

Isabella’s Pet Shop is a pet boutique based in Cumming, Georgia. However, this business is run by a 9 year old girl! Isabella has a passion for pets and a heart for animals rescues and shelters. Isabella creates bows and flower pet accessories by hand and travels to different festivals in Georgia to sell them and help raise funds for rescues and shelters. However, after Isabella had started her business, a large tumor was found in her abdomen. Many pet lovers from all over the world encouraged Bella during this difficult time. Now, Bella is healthy and back in business, spreading her love for pets and fashion!01bb34ab65dd8ff6314b585475e9baa99e3b2979dd

I especially love the flowers that she makes. Often times when I am walking with Gracie, they mistake her for a boy, even with the colorful bandanas. However, Isabella’s flowers were the fashionable and feminine touch that Gracie needed. Gracie and I do a lot of outdoor activities. I would suggest taking extra care of your Isabella’s bows when doing activities like hiking, playing with other dogs, or anything else that could damage the flower. I made the mistake of leaving a flower on Gracie’s leash all the time and it got pretty beat up. Now, I have one on her backpack, since we do not use it as often as the leash.


Isabella also makes bow ties, which are pretty cute as well. If I get a boy husky, I will definitely have him wear bow ties from Isabella’s Pet Shop.


Below are the links to Isabella’s Pet Shop’s facebook, website, and interviews with Bella:

Isabella’s Pet Shop Facebook Page


Fox 5 interview

Empress on Fox 5 wearing one of Isabella’s bows


On the Bert Show

Thanks for reading my blog and go check out Isabella’s products!

-Katie and Gracie

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