A Poem for the Huskies and Malamutes of H2M2 Georgia

This is a poem I wrote for a college Language Arts class after our last Georgia Husky Huddle and Malamute Mingle.

A husky pack.

Each is different

All are similar.

Wild and beautiful.


Ice with snow-white fur,

Cold blue eyes that can pierce even the hardest of hearts.

Tall and Handsome.

Beautiful, like the snowy mountains.


Storm comes rushing in.

She is robust and energetic

Crashing into you like a lightning bolt.

There is nothing frightening about this Storm.


Turbo, charged with energy

A loving and clumsy puppy

Who now plays with the big dogs

And brings his fun-loving personality to the pack


Gracie, who runs like a deer

With abounding grace

And mischief in her bi-colored eyes

A loyal friend and faithful trail partner.


Each dog brings something new

Each dog connects us together

Old and young. New and Familiar.

We are family.

Storm husky Storm

arrow husky Turbo

Gracie husky Gracie

Icy husky Ice

Thank you for reading,

Katie and Gracie


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