BarkWorld Expo 2015

0178700a3178948d9f1e9af5558079c93ace95eee9This past weekend I attended the BarkWorld conference in Atlanta. BarkWorld is a conference for people in the Pet Industry and social media. There were amazing keynote speakers like Shorty from Pit Boss and Gus Kenworthy, the Olympic silver medalist. Needless to say, the conference was awesome and I learned A LOT. There was breakout sessions on SEO, branding, different social media platforms, launching new projects, and much more! Plus, all the attendees got a “swag bag” full of cool pet products! I cannot wait to do reviews on some of the products I received.

015b96e112064532fc0a4a6046a26cb1998f034107I also had the opportunity to meet the keynote speakers, which was really cool. Gus, the Olympic medalist, was there to talk about the dogs he rescued from Sochi, Russia. He said that his ex-boyfriend Robin was the true hero of the story, in that he found the dogs and stayed a whole month after the games to make sure that the pups could make it back to the states. Unfortunately, two of the puppies passed away due to complications, however Robin still has two of the dogs, while Gus’ mom kept their mother. You can check out the two sochi pups and Robin on Instagram at @thesochipups.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Shorty Rossi. He has an amazing story of how he turned around his life from being in a gang and ending up in jail to helping Pit Bulls and advocating for their rights. He currently has a house full of Pit Bulls, all with individual personalities and backgrounds. He travels around with one of his Pit Bull, Hercules, educating people about the truth of the dogs and pushing people to rescue and not to judge something they do not know anything about.

Surfin’ Jack

There was many different brands who sponsored the conference- from pet food brands, to pet shampoo, pet industry directories, and even an Author promoting her new book.

Lucy Pet Products was there with Surfin’ Jack promoting their shampoo and conditioner. Jack is also getting ready to go around on a Rose Bowl Parade float to promote rescuing and getting your pets spayed and neutered. Also, all of the proceeds from Lucy Pet Products go to helping shelter cats and dogs and getting dogs/cats “fixed”. Check out Lucy Pet Products here013cdd3d5aeac7e84537af43b06e62b69bacdde9e4

Halo Pets was also there promoting their pet food. However, they were also there to help a local Atlanta shelter by donating pet food for every photo on Social Media during BarkWorld tagged with #HaloFeeditForward and #BarkWorld. They supplied a “photo booth” with a frame and silly props. Check out Halo Pets here.

017b726f082740467a9549bd969b1b4c7d3412cbe4 Isabella and her mom from Isabella’s Pet Shop were also there! You can check out my review on her business here. Isabella also helps rescue pups by donating some of her bows and flowers to rescues to help make the animals more fashionable and to grab people’s attention to the dogs. Also, when the dog is adopted, they get to take the flower or bow with them! Did I mention Isabella is only 10 years old? This girl is definitely going places with her big heart and great intuition. 01df58718b4d36431481816598bde894d40a00209c

There was also many many dogs at BarkWorld; everything from a Mastiff and St. Bernard to Chihuahuas and Boston Terriers! I did not take Gracie with me because I was worried that it would be too overwhelming for her. However, I think I might take her next year! She would love all the attention.

BarkWorld was definitely a must go for any pet blogger, pet brand, or anyone looking to get into the industry. I cannot wait for next year! I have learned many new skills to help my Social Media sites and connected with many people in the pet industry. You can check it out here.01c7c46f29b922e27cc886f39dc4e1ee5af815c11e

Thanks to BarkWorld, you can now
follow me on Twitter at @girlandherhusky and on Periscope at the same name, @girlandherhusky. I will be doing a Periscope video on the BarkWorld swag bag at 2pm EST today, November 10th, 2015. I have also created a YouTube account, but it is currently empty. I will post on here and on my social media sites letting you know when I upload my first YouTube video!

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to go check out my instagram and twitter!

-Katie and Gracie

Coming Up:01105d57f88c5a47a29c0869000fb117a9857df8e3

-Atlanta Pet Expo (Saturday, November 9th)

-Product Reviews from the BarkWorld Swag Bag

-GRACIE’S BIRTHDAY (11/19) There will be giveaway on my Instagram for her birthday, so be sure to keep an eye out and follow us!

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  1. Hi Katie & Gracie! This is my first visit to your blog, its nice to meet you! Great post, I’m sorry I missed Barkworld this year & all the great speakers. Thanks for sharing your conference experience w/ us. Just followed you on Twitter & IG.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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