When your dog rolls in something gross…

Dogs love gross things- dead animals, animal feces, other dog butts, mud, and pretty much anything that smells bad. Gracie decided this week that I needed a reminder of that.

It has been raining here in Georgia everyday for the last 9 or 10 days, so we have not had Printmuch opportunity to play and run outside. During that time, some animal decided to come into our backyard and poop all in our grass. And, of course, as soon as I let Gracie and my mom’s Rottweiler-Boxer mix, Milo, out, they find it and roll all in it. At this point, Gracie has it all in her fur. Milo’s fur was not so bad because it is so short, but Gracie has a lot more fur for it to get stuck in. They both smelled rotten.  Gracie also got it all over her new collar I had just bought her a few weeks ago.

I immediately googled “how to get poop out of your dog’s fur,” and it came up with several articles on why dogs like to roll in stinky things. However, I wasn’t looking for a reason WHY my dog rolled in the feces, but HOW to get rid of it. So I am going to tell you what I did to clean up my dogs and get rid of that awful smell in a hurry. If you are looking for a more deep cleansing, a thorough bath or trip to the groomer might be the best answer.

First, it is very important to clean your pet before whatever they have gotten in their fur dries. Once it dries, it will be much more difficult to get out. Luckily, I had seen my dogs rolling in the poop in my yard so I was able to clean it up quick.

Things you will need: several rags, towels, or clothes, dog shampoo, a hose.

To clean a short haired dog:

First, I cleaned off Milo, because he was the easiest and I knew I could get him cleaned up quickly. First, I got a wet rag and ran it over his coat. It is important not to rub the rag on your pet, as you could be rubbing the feces or other smelly substance into his fur. Once I got everything off the top of his coat, I applied dog shampoo and used the hose to run back over his fur to make sure nothing was hiding beneath his fur. The shampoo also helps to get rid of the smell and disinfect any left over germs. Afterwards, Milo did not stink anymore and his fur looked clean so I was pleased. Next, I moved on to Gracie.

To clean a long haired or double coated dog:

Gracie’s fur looked awful. The feces was not just on top of the fur like with Milo, but it had gotten down into her fur- and there was a lot of it. In this case, it is best not to start off with just a rag, as pretty much anything you do will just be rubbing it in. So for Gracie, I started with the hose. Before applying shampoo, I first did a deep rinse by putting the hose close to the fur to remove the feces that was stuck in her double coat. It is important to get the majority of the feces out during this step. Next, use the cloth to scrub the fur while using the hose to help loosen anything still stuck in the fur. Once the majority of the feces or stinky substance is out of our dogs fur, then you can apply shampoo. Apply shampoo to the problem area to help get rid of the smell. Rinse well and dry your dog off. Drying your dog is a very important step for long haired and double coated dogs, as it takes them a very very long time to air dry.

To clean off your collars and pet accessories:

As I mentioned earlier, Gracie was wearing a new collar when she decided to roll in animal poop. She also had a bandanna on. Both of these items needed to thoroughly clean, but I was hesitant to wash them in my washing machine or bring them into the kitchen. To wash the items outside, I used the hose and dog shampoo. First, I soaked both items with water and then added shampoo. Next, I used a cloth to scrub the accessories clean. To finish, thoroughly rinse and hang to dry.

I will also be taking Gracie to get a full bath this Friday, just because she is dirty from all the rainy days we have been having. We will be at the Atlanta Pet Expo on November 14th.

We would LOVE to meet any of our readers,followers, or online friends, so let us know if you will be there!

-Katie and Gracie

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  1. Ugh, ugh, ugh, I hate when this happens. I’m glad you caught them in the act so you could clean them before they raced through the house! I wish I had a hot water tap on the outside of the house for incidents like this; I always feel so sorry for the dogs when I have to turn the cold garden hose water on them.

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