November Husky Huddle!

017f87593431463e1f29fda71ee5aedeb2e725e646November 28th was the Husky Huddle and Malamute Mingle of Georgia’s November meetup! Gracie had lots of fun meeting all the other huskies and getting to run around at the park. It is always fun to watch the huskies together. They seem to gravitate towards each other more than other dogs. When we first got to the park there was about 20 non-huskies and 5 huskies. All 5 of the huskies, who hadn’t previously  met, were walking around together.

I did not count how many huskies we had in total, but I think it was about 15. It is always loads of fun seeing all those fluffy huskies in one place! Our next meetup is December 12th.

I know it has been a while since my last treat review. However, I do have one coming soon! I am expecting to publish the review next Friday, December 11th.

Thanks for reading! -Katie and Gracie014428ba873f0a8c02aad614eb05fe32e66c766de301a006fd7832cd3c355d97e960e1dcabe4be97cf6001b6191ddd09198c18ab59f886f9e9350c9a08f83701cc1acf74a9854dc746a78f52cd92ab31f8ee29da01d53aa2dcc5b0601cb0743ba1f5b42ef769a86def01d641bf3deaeff31963b281687fa130227a0df404011b8e64302846bc87c046d673f1be3741ffea7fa2012e6f524b56d101edd66c429304e07cc4cc128ee8019e1eb77202f15f252fe5902365917c763c05b2d70187a86049a0d488f9777c2a97ab93439276e648a101361fa7ae1d801eecb9a31fe7c0956709604c2f72

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