New Years 2016 Part 2

Happy New Year everyone! 2016 is finally here. As promised, I came up with New  Year resolutions for Gracie and me. 01591e175757feae4246397ba41ec715fe35d2b373

  1. Get out of the backyard more. We have a very large backyard so it is easy to just let her get her exercise by just running around in the backyard. However, in 2016 I want to do more walks and hikes.
  2. Eat healthy! In 2016 I want to become more serious about Gracie’s diet and be more aware of what she is eating. I already feed her a high quality food, but I know she could use more Omegas in her diet. Salmon Oil would be a really good supplement to add to her food.
  3. Meet more huskies! In 2016 I want to try to have a local husky meetup every month. I also want to branch out and make them more than just going to the dog park. Maybe we could all go hiking together or go on a walk through a city park.
  4. Breed education. People are always asking husky questions. Having a blog and going out in public with Gracie puts me in the perfect spot to educate people about the breed. No, they are not more closely related to wolves than other dogs. Yes, they are very high maintenance dogs, but if you are willing to do everything they require, it is so worth it. They have such big personalities and make great exercise partners. Check out my Advice from Husky Owners post here.
  5. Lastly, I want to talk more about Canine Epilepsy. Gracie was diagnosed when she about 3 or 4 years old. In 2015, she only had 2 seizures with the last being on Memorial Day. Gracie has a more mild case of epilepsy and is still able to do everything a regular dog could do. We just have to be more cautious on holidays and during thunderstorms. Stress seems to be her biggest trigger. Since Gracie is still able to go to big events and meet lots of people, she could be used to make people aware of Canine Epilepsy and give other pet parents hope for their epileptic pets.

Hope you enjoyed reading my 5 resolutions for Gracie 014e891f2a9236f2f3212b7d56a7a695037217f96cand I to do together this year. I wish everyone a wonderful 2016 and I hope it is full of fun adventures for you and your families.

Thank you for reading,

-Katie and Gracie

6 thoughts on “New Years 2016 Part 2

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  1. Oh I can totally relate to getting out of the yard more. I have a rule (well, a guideline) for myself that any day it is above -15Celsius, I have to get the dogs out of the yard at least once. So I tell myself “I’ll just go around the block” but by the time I’ve got the boots and parka and leashes and harnesses all organised, I usually go further than that because hey, I went to all that trouble, haha!

    I like all your resolutions. Good luck!

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  2. We have just started adding salmon oil to our dogs’ meals and they LOVE it, seriously they go mad for it. We also give them extra virgin coconut oil which they all really enjoy.

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