Tallulah Gorge Hiking

We went on our first hike of the year last Saturday, January 2nd. Originally we were going to wake up on the 1st and go with a group to Kennesaw Mountain, but we decided to sleep in after staying up past Midnight on New Years Eve. So, we ended up going the next day to Tallulah Gorge in Rabun County Georgia. Tallulah Gorge is definitely a must see hike in Georgia. It is two miles long and nearly 1,000 feet deep with beautiful waterfalls and more than 20 miles in trails.

Dogs are only allowed on the rim trails of the gorge. All of the other trails have access to the gorge floor which could be dangerous for dogs and their owners. However, you can take your dog up to the highest point overlooking the gorge known as Inspiration Point.

Gracie did really well on this hike. The majority of the trail is unpaved hiking trails, however the section at the beginning is made out of recycled tires. There were several other dogs at the gorge; we even met a husky shepherd mix puppy! The trail is also very kid friendly, so I would only take kid friendly dogs to the gorge. All of the kids we encountered asked permission before petting Gracie, however there is always a chance that a kid would not. Gracie is wonderful with children and is more patient and gentle around them than adults. She is already such a gentle dog that is was never a surprise to me than she would be good with kids. Since she came to live with me when I was 14, she grew up being exposed to my friends and younger family members.

Check out more about Tallulah Gorge at their website.

Thanks for reading and please enjoy the pictures from our hike below!

-Katie and Gracie


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