Review- Dog Drool Designs

isla_180x180.15871636_gen11ka9Back in October I bought Gracie a collar from Dog Drool Designs, along with a collar for the winner from a Halloween contest from my local husky group. This was my first time buying from Dog Drool Designs, but I continue to be impressed with Gracie’s Gold Leopard Dog Collar. I was originally afraid of the gold fading from the collar. However, 4 months and many hikes and dog park visits later, the gold is still as brilliant as when I first bought it.



I wanted to give my readers a review of Dog Drool Designs since I have had them listed as “Gracie’s Favorite Collar” on Gracie’s Favorite Products for a while now. My favorite things about this shop and their products are the vibrant colors they use for their collars and bandannas, all the customizing options, and that they donate a dollar to a shelter for every purchase. Dog Drool Designs will monogram their bandannas or engrave the collar buckle if you choose for an added cost. You can also choose a gold metal, silver metal, black metal or plastic buckle for your collar. Of course, if you choose a plastic buckle like me, you will not be able to get it engraved. They also have the option of a chain martingale collar vs a classic buckle collar.

Picture from Dog Drool Design’s Etsy Shop

Some more unique items that Dog Drool Designs sales are dog hair bows, dog tutus, poo bag holders, camera straps, and key fobs. I really like the camera straps and key fobs so that you and your pooch can match! I am highly considering their Dog Drool Designs Camera Strap for my next purchase. I’ve also looked into to trying out their dog hair bows, but have not bought any yet. I would love to hear from anyone who has!

I definitely recommend this company for anyone looking for a new collar or accessory for their dog!

Thanks for reading,

-Katie and Gracie


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