Bark worthy dog related phone apps

The following is a list of some of the apps I have been using on my phone for Gracie. Most of the apps are available for both iPhone and Android. I have also included links to each of the companies’s Facebook pages. Just click on the name of the company and it will open their Facebook page in a new tab. Do not forget to check out and like A Girl and Her Husky on Facebook too!


    The Rover app is perfect for finding a place for your pet to stay or starting your own pet sitting business. I use the app for both! I have been pet sitting through Rover for a year this spring, and I really enjoy it. They offer pet sitter insurance, an emergency hotline, and it is very user friendly. This app also makes it simple to find a sitter for your pet. You can compare services and prices of pet sitters and dog walkers in your area and choose which one is the best fit for you.  The app is available for free through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Are you looking to add another furry friend to your life? Petfinder is the way to go! You can search adoptable pets from shelters in your area. Just enter in what kind of pet you are looking for, breed, gender, age, and distance from your location. You can also look at pets available at a specific organization. The app also provides breed guides if you are looking for more information about a specific breed. Petfinder is available for free through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Do you ever wonder what businesses near you are pet friendly? Or are you bringing your pet on vacation and looking for a place to stay? If you answered “yes” to either question, then Bring Fido is the app for you. You can search dog friendly hotels, restaurants, parks & beaches, events, and more! I personally use this app the most when looking for a place to eat after a long day at the park or hiking with Gracie. Don’t see your favorite dog friendly place listed? You can also add places under the “Post” tab. BringFido is available for free download on the Apple App Store.

WalkForADog by WoofTrax is a way that you can use your daily walks with your dog to support your favorite rescue. Over 6,500 organizations are included on the app. Donations to an organization is determined by the number of people walking for the organization, not the miles walked so every little bit will make an impact! Since January is National Walk Your Pet month, WalkForADog will be doing fun things throughout the month. Be sure to join in on the fun and support rescues and shelters in your area by downloading WalkForADog for free on either the Apple App Store or Google Play.

You know all those little health concerns about your pet that you google search? Maybe it is about their food or a minor injury or concern. What if you had a licensed veterinarian at your finger tips to ask all those questions to instead of trusting strangers on online forms? The Kuddly app provides just that! There are vets online anytime  you need them to live chat and email. To speak with a vet on Kuddly it does cost a couple of dollars, however you will receive much better advice than if you had just googled it. The vets set their own price, so you can search vets to compare prices and reviews from other Kuddly users. Kuddly is also available to more than just English speakers. You can search vets by both language and country to fit your needs. Are you a vet? Kuddly is free to join, plus you get to set your own schedule and prices. All you have to do complete your Kuddly profile and then you can start helping pets worldwide! Kuddly also provides Professional Liability Insurance for their vets. Kuddly is free to download via the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Does your dog have multiple care takers such as family members or a pet sitter? DogSync is a great way to track your dog(s)’s daily feedings, walks, and more! You can either post when you have finished a task or ask another caretaker to complete one. No more hassle of wondering if the dog has already been fed or risk of feeding it too many times! DogSync also let me in on some features that they have coming soon that will be great for both multiple care takers and individuals. In their next update reminders will be added to the app. This will let you be able to set reminders to feed your pet, go on walks, go to the vet, take medicine, and more! It will be perfect for remembering those vet appointments or when to give your dog his new medicine! Currently DogSync is available through the Apple App Store, but an Android version is coming soon.

ResQwalk is another way to support your local rescue while walking your dog. However, ResQwalk divides up their monthly donation by the number of miles walked for each organization. So if you like to take long walks, run marathons, or go hiking this is the app for you! ResQwalk also provides a pet friendly business locator. You can download this app for free through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

I hope you enjoy using these apps with your four legged best friend as much as I have. I would also like to note that ResQwalk and WalkForADog can be used at the same time on the iPhone. I have not tried it through an Android.

Thanks for reading,

-Katie and Gracie


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