Fort Yargo State Park Hike with Dogs

This last Saturday Dylan and I took Gracie on a hike at ¬†Fort Yargo. We met up with a group of other dog owners. There were about 10-12 dogs there! I think all the dogs had a blast. We hiked the 7 mile lake loop trail. This trail features beautiful views of the lake and... Continue Reading →

Shed Happens…Husky Shedding Begins

I have noticed on several of the husky groups I follow on Facebook that some huskies have began to blow their coats. Now for you non-husky people out there, "blowing coat" refers to when a Siberian Husky, or any double coated dog, sheds their undercoat in the matter of a few weeks. As you could... Continue Reading →

Adorable Gifts for Your Four Legged Valentine

Valentine's weekend is upon us! Stores have been filled with heart shaped products since the beginning of January with everything from chocolates and toys to cards and flowers. However, we can't forget about our furry friends! I have searched the internet for my top 5  favorite Valentine products for pets. If you are looking for... Continue Reading →

Amicalola Falls and Gracie’s first restaurant

Last Saturday, Gracie, my mom, and I went to Amicalola Falls with a local hiking with dogs group. Amicalola Falls is the tallest waterfall in Georgia and has some amazing views of the North Georgia Mountains. The name for the waterfall is derived from the Cherokee word for "tumbling waters." We hiked all the way... Continue Reading →

How to start a dog meetup in your area

Have you ever wished you had someone to meet with at the dog park? Or have you ever wished there was someone to go hiking with you and your dog? Meetups are great way to meet people in your area who are dog owners and like to do activities with their dogs! Meetups are also... Continue Reading →

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