Amicalola Falls and Gracie’s first restaurant

014232eda5bfef6dfe0d371359674e9a3c6c90e404Last Saturday, Gracie, my mom, and I went to Amicalola Falls with a local hiking with dogs group. Amicalola Falls is the tallest waterfall in Georgia and has some amazing views of the North Georgia Mountains. The name for the waterfall is derived from the Cherokee word for “tumbling waters.” We hiked all the way up to the lodge at the top of the waterfall, however we had to walk on the side of the road for a part of the way to avoid the metal stairs.

Hike was beautiful and not too strenuous. It was a prefect morning 016079d5547de9af119d16607e440cc75005b45441hike, only taking two hours with several stops to take pictures and enjoy the lodge.

After the hike we went to Dahlonega for lunch- the site of America’s first goldrush. We ate at the Bourbon Street Cafe, which has a dog friendly back porch. The porch is heated with small fires in the center of the tables. This was Gracie’s first time visiting a restaurant and she did great! She was also a hit with the restaurant staff.

01ffe69ee2ec148ef2bcee642be82d7fcfa4c21698We are looking forward to our next hiking trip with our dog friends on the 20th to Fort Yargo!

-Katie and Gracie


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