Rescue puppies need emergency help

c22db3_b1f3d368dfb3417e8ba57552808da99cThe Siberian Husky rescue that I am close with/ support, Releashed Rescue, has recently stepped in to help with an emergency rescue for 7 puppies and their mom. There was a hoarding situation with over 60 dogs living outside with no vetting or spay/neuter and limited food. The individual caring for the dogs was unable to give all the dogs proper care despite trying. The cost for just providing food this many dogs was over $1500 per month.

Releashed was unable to take in all the dogs, however some other local shelters and rescues stepped in as well. Releashed saved a mom dog and her seven babies. They are now know as the Brady bunch- Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marcia, Jan, and Cindy Brady and Alice Nelson, plus mom Carol Brady. Mom and her seven pups are all up for adoption through Releashed Rescue.c22db3_1d7d2b0c47f945508329eeb2577388e2

Releashed also needs some help taking care of these puppies. They are still very young and have some medical needs that Releashed is tending to. They were not given any medical attention or vetting throughout pregnancy or birth. However, it comes at a cost. You can help these rescue puppies and their mom out by donating at their YouCaring page.  There is also a GoFundMe for the all dogs who are still looking for rescue and foster homes. Please consider helping out with this emergency situations. It is vital that all these dogs are spayed and neutered and provided with appropriate vet care.9430523_1456342993.3924

Thanks for reading,

Katie and Gracie

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