Meet Echo

017a78ea8269666e6c99eb48ba5e2a9c7f03d8a640Gracie and I are proud to announce that we will be adding a new member to our A Girl and Her Husky team! Echo is a piebald Siberian Husky puppy! He is part of the litter of rescue pups that I wrote about last week. Echo is a handsome and healthy boy and I cannot wait to bring him home! He will be joining our pack in a few weeks.

Echo is a rescue puppy from Releashed Rescue in Georgia. Releashed rescued Echo and his siblings and mom from a hoarding situation here in Georgia. There were over 60 dogs found at the location! You can read more about these dogs and how you can help on their Facebook page. Releashed is also raising funds for some of the medical bills needed for the dogs they rescued. You can find their YouCaring page here. You can also visit Releashed Rescue’s website and see more of their adoptable dogs! 014cf40a05bdcbdfa089c5283fd0277cff9c810242

01c0d2905065a6d0aa7f780362236aab5592e21d30Echo is the largest in his litter and I am told he is the most active as well! We went to visit him on Sunday and he was alert and very adventurous. He just wanted to go explore! I put him back in the play pen with his siblings and he started whining to get back out. How could I say no? πŸ™‚
He played with his siblings and took a nap. Echo is only 5 weeks old right now, so we will not be getting him until he is 8 weeks old. He is already so big!

01f84d6b3d11fefecf461eef0e5b0a2178e4236579Gracie loves puppies, so I am confident that she will love Echo! When my parents’ dogs were puppies, she was very gentle and playful with them. She would lay down and let them crawl on her and she would run slow enough for them to keep up! I cannot wait for her to meet Echo. She will be very good at teaching him about the dog world just like she was with Milo and Baxter! Gracie is also typically very good at sharing. She does not have aggression over food or toys. I believe she will love having another husky around! 014e40a3745d9465f80cd9d9821be27ba79b4599d6

Below are some photos of Gracie playing with Milo and Baxter as puppies. Please excuse the lower quality, as these photos were taken on a phone camera. (and yes, Gracie is blowing her coat in these photos! LOL)

Echo has definitely already stolen mine and Dylan’s hearts. I mean, how could you not fall in love with this cute face?

I cannot wait to share more about life with a puppy and share pictures of our new baby growing up! Echo will be our first puppy. I got Gracie when she was already a year old. Have you ever raised a puppy before? Do you have any advice for first time puppy owners?

Thanks for reading!

-Katie, Gracie, and soon, Echo πŸ™‚

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  1. Congratulations! And yes, LOTS of advice to give here as I’ve raised half a dozen pups over the years. Let us know when you have specific questions!

    But tip #1, for housetraining: a puppy has to pee after waking up, after eating, and after getting wound up (after pretty much anything!). If you watch carefully, you’ll see them suddenly sniff the ground, and start to turn / curl their body sideways as they sniff as if they’re about to do a circle. It happens really fast and it can be really subtle, but if you catch them right then and scoop them up to put them outside, you can praise effusively right away when they pee!

    Also, I don’t know what your crating plans are…? But for the first couple of nights I like to keep the puppy in a cardboard box next to my bed and hang my arm down in there while I’m sleeping. it’s awkward, but the pup has the closeness of a warm mammal and doesn’t feel so alone (and therefore usually doesn’t cry so much about being separated from the pack). Worth a try, anyway!

    Good luck and I can’t wait to see all the pictures and read the stories!

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