Purple Day and Canine Epilepsy

Today is Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness. Epilepsy is a seizure disorder that is not just found in humans, but a variety of animals as well. As many of you know by now, Gracie has Epilepsy. She was diagnose when she was 2 years old and is now 8 1/2. Today I want to tell you about Canine Epilepsy, what it is and what it means in our life. Gracie’s Epilepsy is more on the mild to moderate side, which means that her seizures are not as extreme as many dogs who also have Epilepsy. Her seizures can be both partial seizures, which means they can even go unnoticed, and she has seizures that fall between a partial and grand mal. These are the more common seizures that she gets. She does not lose consciousness, but she convulses and cannot stand. These seizures usually last a minute. Her last one was when were hiking about a month ago and another dog attacked her.

Many Canine Epileptics take medications to treat their epilepsy. The most used of these medications are Phenobarbital and Potassium Bromide. Many of the medications can adversely effect the liver. Also, eating a diet with Omegas and Zinc can help support healthy brain function. If you have a dog with Epilepsy you want to feed them food that support both their brain and liver.

The main thing that I want people to get out of this post is that just because a dog has Epilepsy does not mean that the dog cannot live a full and happy life. Gracie and I still go on hikes and to the dog park all the time. Gracie enjoys every bit of life that other dogs enjoy. Her epilepsy does not hold her back. Epilepsy does not have to be restricting or life ruining. Of course, always be cautious and learn what triggers your dogs seizures and how they act before getting one. Gracie’s seizures are usually triggered by sudden stress and loud noises. Thunder storms, fire works, sudden stops in the car, getting a bath from a stranger and another dog suddenly biting her are some examples of things that could trigger a seizure in Gracie. However, going new places and meeting new people are not triggers for her.

 Do you know a person or animal with Epilepsy? How does it effect their life?


Please check out the links below for more blogs on Canine Epilepsy (a big thank you to FiveSibes and Confessions of a Rescue Mom for hosting!) and wear purple today in support of Epilepsy Awareness!  Don’t have any purple to wear? Change your social media profile pictures purple!

Thanks for reading!

-Katie and Gracie

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29 thoughts on “Purple Day and Canine Epilepsy

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  1. Gracie is so stunningly beautiful! I’m glad she leads a full, active life. Thanks for sharing that with others, it’s important to know. I feel awful that Gracie got attacked by another dog! I’m so glad she wasn’t seriously injured, other than being sent into an epi seizure.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them


  2. Love that Gracie is doing so well and that you are bringing awareness to dogs with this special need. At my “Harley’s Story-Having a Pet with Special Needs” 1st book signing I asked the humane society to bring a dog with special needs to the event that needed to be adopted. Otis has Epilepsy and he has found his forever family!!

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  3. I learned about epilepsy in dogs a few years ago and I’m glad that is controllable and doesn’t dominate your lives. There was a time when I would have been too intimidated by the diagnosis to adopt a dog who has epilepsy, but thanks to you, Gibson’s mom and other bloggers, I realize it is possible for a dog with epilepsy to have a terrific life.

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  4. Gracie is so beautiful! She looks like a bigger version of my Fenrir – same eye colors and everything! I’ve never dealt with a pet with epilepsy although I have had special needs pets before. Like Gracie, my special pets lived life to the fullest despite their medical issues.

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  5. I had a Golden Retriever that started having seizures later in life. She was never diagnosed with epilepsy but I will never forget that first seizure nor the ones that happened after. I was terrified. The seizures were probably 20 seconds, but they always felt like a lifetime to me. I’m so happy to see that Gracie is doing well on her meds. You’re a great mom to help her with this.

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  6. Canine epilepsy is not something I’ve dealt with first hand, although I’ve dealt with many other canine issues, some not so ordinary. Thank you for bringing awareness with this post!


  7. Gracie, you are beautiful. Stay strong! And I thank you for sharing your story on Purple Day and joining in our blog hop. As you know, my (now angel) Gibson had idiopathic Epilepsy, and through medications and alternative therapies, he lived a happy life and he loved meeting people too! He lived seven years seizure free and always had a big super Sibe smile on his face, too! ❤

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