Echo’s First Days at Home and Puppy Tips

This last Friday, March 25th, was a very special day. We went and picked up Echo from Releashed Rescue in Georgia. Echo has been with us for four nights now and it has been quite the adventure!

Echo’s First Days: 

I am convinced we have the smartest puppy on the planet. The first night home he figured out how to open his crate and I had to reinforce it with extra clips! He is also learning potty training so quickly. He has not had but a few accidents, which were my fault with learning how he tells me he needs to go, and will go to the door when he needs to go outside. He is also responding to his name and doing really well at walking on a leash. He will try to chew on his leash though (and Gracie’s leash, LOL!) Echo is overall alert, playful, responsive, and clever. He is a sweet and very smart puppy. 01269362ec6ce8c88c135307c0540fdb31b353112d

Echo’s favorite things so far are food, especially treats, naps, his stuffed raccoon toy, and chewing on anything he can get his mouth on! I have been feeding him TLC Whole Life Dog Food, which he loves! You can find more information on why TLC is such a great food here. I also give him small pieces of Full Moon’s Chicken Jerky as a chewy treat. He loves all of his toys. Anything that he can chase, pull on, chew, or squeak, he loves. His current toys include a ball with tire-like rubber around it that he brought from his foster home, an antler chew, a Frisbee rope toy from Science Diet,  and his favorite stuffed raccoon from Target. He also has a Kong toy that I put treats and dog food in when I have to leave him alone for a bit. I will also be getting a Knotty Chaw Chaw rope toy in a few days, which we will do a review on once we get it and try it out! Echo is very playful and enjoys everything we put in front of him. 01cbe1bb642da0fe3aed7cf0d2bbf4bbd3601341e0

Gracie loves Echo! She enjoys playing with him and is being very gentle so far.. Echo and Baxter have really enjoyed playing together as well. Baxter is more playful than Milo so he is happy to have someone who will run around with him. Gracie will play with Baxter for a little bit, but then runs away. However, she has been following Echo around to make sure he is okay! Milo has also been good with Echo, but has not really played with him. Milo typically isn’t very playful. I’ve been glad that the dogs have accepted Echo into the pack.

I believe Echo is settling into his new home well and seems very happy with his new life. I love my new baby and cannot wait for all the years to come.

Advice for your first days with your new puppy:

The first days with your new puppy are very important. During this time you will want to introduce your puppy to his new home and teach him where he is allowed and not allowed, such as with furniture or in certain rooms. You will also want to set up a schedule for your pup so he can learn when and where he eats, sleeps, and goes to potty. 01b74af971d5c7b59b676321da725fa2ba76152001

I highly suggest using a crate to help potty train your puppy. I bought a full size crate with a puppy divider for Echo. It has worked great for him! Be sure not to leave your pup for too long though. You can leave him for 1 hour for every month of his age up to 8 or 9 months without an accident. That means I should not leave Echo for more than 2 hours with out taking him out to potty. However, Echo typically has not had to go but every 4 hours. He will let me know if he needs to go sooner, but until your puppy learns how to do that and you learn how he is telling you, you should take him out every few hours. Echo is just going to the door when he needs to go, but I would also suggest getting door bells for you dog as an easier way for you to tell. Just make your puppy touch the bells on the door right before taking him out and he will learn that ringing the bell on the door means going out to potty.

You should also be socializing your puppy at every opportunity given throughout his life. Take him to the store or events. Invite family and friends over to meet the puppy. However, be careful to not place your puppy on the ground where other dogs may have been until your puppy is fully vaccinated or he could get very sick. If you go to the store, bring a towel to put down in the cart or carry your puppy. Once your puppy has all of his vaccinations, around 12 or 13 weeks old, begin introducing your puppy to other dogs. Plan play dates with other puppies and take him to the small dog park. Be sure to make all experiences positive and fun. Reward your puppy with praise when he behaves correctly around a new object or animal. 01b8f7d9e394be112b4438f61ed21e0564168bce97

It’s also good to prepare your puppy for grooming and examinations by handling his paws, ears, mouth, and tail. He should allow you to touch these areas without a struggle or biting. Doing this will make it much easier to groom and take your dog to the vet when he is big. Get him used to being brushed and bathed.

Always talk to your vet and dog training professionals about other socialization and training that you should be doing. If your puppy is having a specific issue, talk to a training about helping out. It is a lot easier to fix these issues before he is 16 weeks old than waiting until he is older. 01045028add1d3575dde84a06a045f478975654c0b

Are you getting a husky puppy? Check out my post from last October with advice from husky owners to new owners.

Good luck with your new puppy and thanks for reading about my experiences with Echo!

-Katie, Gracie, and Echo

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  1. Echo is a gorgeous puppy! I’m so glad he’s home with you now & doing sowell, especially with his new siblings. What a great life he will have with your loving family! Good puppy tips, thanks for sharing.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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