An Update on A Girl and Her Huskies

Hi everyone! I apologize for being a little quiet on my blog this past week. A lot of good things have been happening in my life lately. I have finished up my internship and will be graduating in May with my Bachelor’s degree. I’ve also started a job with a pet grooming, boarding, daycare, and holistic pet supply company. I am hoping to continue to grow and expand my blog as I venture more into the pet industry. I am learning more about myself and figuring out what my future is going to look like. This blog and all of my readers have played a big part in this, so for that, I thank you.

My two beautiful pups are doing great as well. I am doing my best to give them the best care and am continuely learning more about how to do that. Echo is growing so fast and I have high hopes for his future. We finished our puppy class last Sunday and plan on continuing his training with a friend of mine starting in May. He is so smart and is learning so much! Gracie is as gorgeous as ever. She has been making it difficult to keep her clean. I do not like bathing her too often, but she has been rolling in dirt and digging. I just gave her a bath 3 weeks ago and she looks like she hasn’t had one in 6 months! Silly girl. 

I hope you continue to enjoy my blog and reading about me and my two huskies. 

Thanks for reading, 

Katie, Gracie, and Echo 

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