Pet Hydration Month with PetSafe® Brand

July is Pet Hydration Month to raise awareness about the importance of keeping your pets hydrated. A Girl and Her Husky has partnered with PetSafe® Brand to share with our readers tips on keeping your pet hydrated and different products you can use for clean and safe water.

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Living in Georgia with two Siberian Huskies, I am always worrying about the heat and making sure that the dogs stay cool and hydrated, especially when we go outside. Dogs do not sweat like humans do- they cool down by panting. When it is hot outside and the dogs need to go out, I make sure that I always turn on our fans in the shade. That way if they ever get hot while running around, they can come sit in the shade and cool down. However, they need more than just shade and fans- they need to be hydrated too!

With the summer heat, I feel like I am constantly filling up the dogs’ water bowl, even inside the air conditioned house. According to the info graph from PetSafe Brand above, Echo would need 60oz of water every day and Gracie would need 48oz of water every day. That is a lot of water!


So, how do you know if your dog is getting enough water?

Some common symptoms of dehydration include:

  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • Lack of energy
  • Excessive and ongoing panting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sunken, dry eyes
  • Dry and sticky gums
  • Loss of skin elasticity (when pulled or moved, the skin will not go back to its original place)

If you think your pet may be dehydrated, it is important to get them to a vet as dehydration is a medical emergency.

Proper hydration can help with things like:

  • Preventing urinary tract infections and urinary disease. Unlike the food humans eat, dry dog and cat foods have very low moisture levels. If a pet doesn’t drink a lot of water from its bowl, consider adding water to their dry food or incorporating wet food into their diet. Cats with low water intake may experience urinary tract infections, or even urinary stones and crystals that can cause urethral obstruction.
  • Aiding with energy levels and temperature regulation. Water helps pets convert fat to energy. If a pet drinks enough water throughout the day they will have the energy to play outside or go on a walk. Water intake also cools the body and helps them maintain a consistent and normal body temperature.
  • Speeding recovery time from sickness or surgery. Drinking water can help promote healthy kidney function and flush toxins from their bodies. This is important after a bout of sickness or during the recovery process after a major surgery.

If your dog is having issues with any of the things listed above, then making sure they are getting enough water every day is very important. If they do not have any of those issues, you still will want to make sure your pet is properly hydrated so that they do not develop any issues due to poor hydration.


One of the best ways to keep your pets hydrated with clean, fresh water is with a pet water fountain. PetSafe Brand makes a variety of water fountains for cats and dogs of all sizes. They sent us the Drinkwell® Outdoor Dog Fountain. Since we spend so much time outside in our yard, I thought this fountain would be the best choice for my dogs.

I have never had a fountain for my dogs, so I was very excited to try it out! Drinkwell® Fountains are better than just regular water bowls because they supply your pet with fresh, circulating water that has been filtered to remove any impurities. I also like it because I am not constantly having to fill up their bowl.


In addition to supplying the dogs with fresh, clean water the flowing water from the Drinkwell® Fountain encourages your pet to drink more. I know Echo in particular loves drinking out of any kind of faucet or hose, so when I turned on the fountain he immediately went for the water that was flowing into the bowl.

Another good thing about having a Drinkwell® Fountain from PetSafe is that with the circulating and filter water, you do not have to worry as much about bacteria as you would with still water. The Drinkwell® Fountain is also easy to take apart and clean.


I would definitely recommend using a PetSafe Brand Drinkwell® Fountain for your pet over a regular water bowl. I love my new Drinkwell® Fountain and will continue to use it for my dogs.

For more information on keeping your pets hydrated, check out the video below from PetSafe!


Using the 1:1 ratio, how much water do your pets need every day? Do you think that they are getting enough water? Let us know in the comments below!

Be sure to check out PetSafe on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Thanks for reading,

Katie, Gracie, and Echo


Disclosure: A Girl and Her Husky received a PetSafe Brand Drinkwell Outdoor Dog Fountain to try out in return for an honest review. All images are property of A Girl and Her Husky unless otherwise marked- please do not use without permission.

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