Darwin’s Raw Dog Food Review and Giveaway

During mine and Echo’s trip to BlogPaws in May, we met the Darwin’s Pet Food team. I was excited to meet them because Echo and Gracie’s vet had mentioned that she uses Darwin’s with her own dogs and loves it. I had looked at their website and researched them a little, but had never actually tried it with them.

My thoughts about Darwin’s Pet Food

One thing that I really liked about Darwin’s is that their Natural Selections line uses human grade organic vegetables and free range meats. I like to eat organic myself, so of course I like to feed my dogs’ organic as well! My dogs’ health is important to me so I want to feed them good food that will keep them healthier. Darwin’s also includes a special nutrients mix in their food with natural supplements and vitamins to help your dog get all the nutrients they need.

Another thing I like about Darwin’s is their packaging. Their food comes in two pound packs that are separated into individually wrapped 8oz patties. I love that they are individually wrapped because it makes it easy to defrost the food for the next day without worrying about having to cut or portion out meat and then put it in a separate container. They also have an easy peel wrapper so no scissors are needed to open it!

I like to rotate the protein sources that I feed my dogs. I believe that feed a variety of different meats is more nutritious since fish, red meats, and poultry all contain different nutrients. Darwin’s Natural Selections for dogs has five different meat options- chicken, duck, turkey, beef and lamb. There currently is not a fish option, but I do think it would be great to see them come out with a salmon or salmon/chicken option. However, I was happy with the five options they do have. I feed Gracie primarily red meats with some poultry and fish and I try to keep Echo on a good balance of all three.

What the dogs thought of Darwin’s

Echo, my foodie dog, really loved eating Darwin’s. He eagerly ate his meal every time I served it- even if it wasn’t defrosted completely! Echo has been a little picky with certain raw foods in the past. He typically does not like big chunks or whole prey style raw. However he did not have any issue eating the 8oz patty of Darwin’s.

Gracie, my picky dog, liked Darwin’s too. Unless she was really hungry, she preferred to eat it cut up rather than whole. I also make a supplement mix “gravy” for her with supplements for her Epilepsy and she seemed to prefer if the Darwin’s and “gravy” were well mixed together.

I especially love the vitamin mix in Darwin’s beef and lamb for Gracie and would like to continue to give her that along with other sources of poultry and fish.

Apart from the Natural Selection line that I tried with Echo and Gracie, Darwin’s also has a Zoologics line, which is more economically priced, and Intelligent Design, which is a prescription diet raw dog food. Darwin’s also has Natural Selection and Intelligent Design for cats.

If you are unsure about feeding raw or which Darwin’s formulas would be good for your pet, Darwin’s offers a free menu consultation to help you! The form can be found under either the “Dog Food” or “Cat Food” tabs on their website.

What do you look for in a raw pet food? Or do you have any concerns about feeding your dog or cat a raw food? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Want to try Darwin’s for free? Enter in our giveaway here.

Thanks for reading!

Katie, Gracie, and Echo

Disclosure: A Girl and Her Husky received Darwin’s Natural Pet Products dog food and compensation in return for an honest review. All images are property of A Girl and Her Husky or Darwin’s Natural Pet Products- please do not use without permission. Giveaway prize is provided by Darwin’s Natural Pet Products. 

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