NomNomNow Dog Food Review

If you have been following A Girl and Her Husky on social media, you have seen we are trying out a new food called NomNomNow. We met the NomNomNow team at BlogPaws this year and I was very interested in their approach to dog food. NomNomNow makes food specifically cooked for your dog. All the meals are cooked to order and delivered to your door, portioned out exactly for your dog.

NomNomNow started out in San Francisco and has only been delivering to the West Coast of the United States. However, they are now starting to deliver over to the eastern United States too.

What I thought about the company and the food

I went through the sign up process on NomNomNow’s website and thought that it was easy and very user friendly. You give them information about your dog including weight, age, activity level, breed, and any allergies or health issues. Next, you pick the recipe that you would like. I picked the Heartland Beef Mash for Gracie and the Chicken Chow-Wow for Echo. I did run into a little bump with the system since I am located on the East Coast and the system, to my understanding, was not liking the amount that I was ordering for my two dogs combined with where I was located. However, I contacted the help center and they got my order submitted right away. If you are also located in the east United States and run into any issues with ordering, I would definitely suggest contacting their help center as they can help you with any problems.

What the dogs have thought about eating NomNomNow

Both Gracie and Echo have really enjoyed NomNomNow. Chicken is Echo’s favorite food so he has especially enjoyed eating fresh chicken every night. I have found that Echo is not big on eating fruits and veggies. I used to give him melons as a puppy, but I recently tried to give him a chunk of melon and he did not eat it. I have also tried carrots with him and he does not want them. However, Echo has always eaten all of his NomNomNow food even though there are visible veggies in it. Echo’s agility instructor advised me that Echo needed to lose a few pounds since he is doing such an active sport. Having extra weight on him could impact his performance and even cause issues with his joints. When I signed up for NomNomNow I told them that he did need to lose a few pounds. I think after eating this food for several weeks, Echo has lost those few pounds he was needing to take off for agility.

Gracie, who is typically the picky dog, actually loves veggies so I expected NomNomNow with beef and veggies would be right up her ally.  She gets so excited whenever I bring out her bowl with NomNomNow. The Heartland Mash has several of Gracie’s favorite foods- peas, carrots, and eggs! Because of Gracie’s sensitivity to rosemary I was careful to make sure that none of the ingredients in NomNomNow contained rosemary or rosemary extract.

Overall, I think both dogs have enjoyed the food and I really like that they use fresh, restaurant quality ingredients. I think that I would use NomNomNow again and would definitely suggest it to any one that is looking for fresh food for their dogs that they do not have to make themselves.

What do you think about having fresh, made to order food for your dog delivered to your door? What ingredients do you think your dog would like to have in his food?

Thanks for reading,

Katie, Gracie, and Echo

Disclosure: A Girl and Her Husky received NomNomNow dog food in return for an honest review. All images are property of A Girl and Her Husky – please do not use without permission.

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