Meet Yoshi!

A Girl and Her Husky has added a new member to our pack- Yoshi the Siberian Husky! Yoshi is about a year and half to two years old. I adopted him from the same rescue I adopted Echo from- Releashed Rescue in Georgia! Releashed rescued Yoshi from a shelter in Georgia where his time was up. Yoshi unfortunately had heartworms, but Releashed treated him and now he is all better!

Yoshi’s history is pretty unknown. He did not have a microchip and no one ever claimed him at his local shelter. Animal Control had found Yoshi as a stray dog. When I brought Yoshi into my house for the first time, it was clear that he hadn’t seen many normal house things before. He did not know what the TV, coffee maker, or phone ringing was. He tried to jump on counters and wanted to put things like candles and picture frames in his mouth. Yoshi is very smart and loves people, so he is quickly learning how to be a house dog!

Yoshi loves chasing tennis balls, playing with Echo, and getting belly rubs. He acts like a big puppy and just wants to play and give kisses. Yoshi seems to love food, but he can be picky if something seems too plain. He is a goofy ball of energy and quickly won over mine and my husband’s hearts. Yoshi is a perfect fit for our family and we are so excited to have him!

Want to see more of Yoshi? Be sure to follow our instagram page!

Thanks for reading,

Katie, Gracie, Echo, and Yoshi!

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  1. I love his name, Yoshi! So glad you were able to rescue him and show him what a good like is! I love how all your pups look so much a like! 🙂

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  2. Yoshi is a very smart dog to know how to behave with the other dogs in your house…security for him never having to leave for the streets or another home. Glad you have a safe place for him to run and play.

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  3. Congratulations and great news about Yoshi! I love reading rescue stories, and knowing what his fate almost was had Releashed Rescue not stepped in makes it even more special. I’m glad to hear he’s settling in and on the road to an incredible new life.

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  4. You give a great account about how seamlessly a young dog can come into the house and family. Andy was similar when I got him; didn’t care about my loud washer but was really scared of the dishwasher and the TV. The TV effect went away quickly; sometimes I still have to give him safe passage past the dishwasher. I do encourage people who are super busy and have a lively household to adopt a young adult dog rather than a little puppy. So thanks for what you did!!

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