Dogs…A Girl’s Best Friend

I was reflecting on my life the other day and began to think about how my dogs have impacted my life and how each dog has come along right when I needed them.

I got Gracie the summer before I started high school. She was exactly the dog I needed during high school and college. She has such a sweet and loving personality, but she is very independent. Gracie was perfectly happy being home without me while I was in school, but also was there to play and cuddle in the evenings. Gracie was the companion that I needed during those years. We would go hiking, to the park, and to many festivals. Having Gracie during that season of my life is the reason I became so involved with dogs and she is the reason I fell in love with Siberian Huskies. When I think about Gracie’s impact on my life, I think about how she is the reason for where I am now in life and the reason I am in school to become a vet. She is my inspiration and I will always remember how she was by my side during such an important time in my life and introduced me to my passion.


I got Echo a month before I graduated with my undergrad degree. He, too, came along right when I needed him. Not even six months later my mom became very sick. Echo is a very loyal and caring dog. He is very sensitive to others’ feelings, whether they are mine, my husbands, or even other dogs. He is the peace keeper in our house. If two dogs have a disagreement, he is there to check on both and make sure they are okay. Echo is always by my side. He follows me everywhere around the house and just wants to be near me. The year I spent with my mom during her sickness was not easy and losing her was extremely heartbreaking for me. She was my best friend. Having a dog like Echo by my side has been such a comfort. If he sees me hiding in my bed or crying, he will be there cuddling in the bed with me or licking away the tears. I look into Echo’s eyes and I see his loyalty and dedication to me. Echo also brought me a step further into the dog world. Together we have learned so much more about dog training, sports, and the professional dog world. When I think of Echo, I think of the term “heart dog.” Before he came into my life, I did not truly understand the term. “Heart dogs” are supposed to be a dog that you share a bond or connection with that is unlike any other dog you have owned. Echo is my “heart dog.” I know the bond I have with him is something special and doesn’t happen with just any dog.


Considering the impact that Gracie and Echo have had on my life, I can’t help to wonder how Yoshi is going to impact it too. Yoshi is a very happy and energetic dog. I have worked with him on training some already and he is a lot of fun to train. I enjoy having him around. Seeing his happy face and getting a million kisses from him constantly makes it hard to ever not smile! I know the future holds something special for Yoshi and I am excited to see what that future is.


How have your pets impacted your life? Leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading,

Katie, Gracie, Echo, and Yoshi

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  1. You’ve been blessed with fabulous dogs! I know Yoshi will become an important part of your life as well, kudos to you for rescuing him. So many Huskies get abandoned because people can’t handle them and don’t understand them. My Heartdog was Ginny, my childhood dog. She was very much like Gracie in the way that she was there for me through some rough times at home. She is the reason I love dogs so much. My cat Maggie was my Heart Cat, she was with me through so many changes in my life. Both of these amazing pets were with me for many years, 17 and nearly 19 years, it was such a blessing! Beautiful post.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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  2. So sweet and so true. They each bring something so different and special to our lives. We had a dog when I was young that had severe separation anxiety and he actually had an accident due to that and he passed. The weird thing is, I now have a dog that looks very similar to him and also has some issues. I feel like I might be getting a redo even though I was so young (10-11).

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  3. I can completely relate to this! Each one of my dogs has come into my life at a time when I needed them most with their very unique gifts. Dogs have a way of knowing what we need, when we need it, don’t they? What a blessing Echo was for you while your mother was ill. I’m so very sorry about your mom and know how hard that must have been for you. I lost my mother suddenly when I was in high school. My mother was a huge dog lover so I know she is getting some good laughs in Heaven about my life with Junior and Sulley.

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    1. Thank you ❤️ my dogs have been such a blessing!
      I’m sorry you lost your mom too. I’m in my early 20s and sometimes feel so lost without her. I used to always go to her for advice. My mom was huge dog lover too. She was like you and loved the giant ones. Her two big goof balls are with my dad. I sometimes go over there and bring them the special treats she used to buy for them on occasion. I know she’d like that.


  4. I am sorry about your loss of your mom. I, too, lost my Mom, my best friend in 2015. I believe my Huskies helped me through a very dark period…my heart dog was my Gibson, who suddenly left a month after my Mom. I truly believe he left to stay by her knowing how much I missed her. Thinking of them together brings a smile to my face – (okay, and a whole lot of tears). My other four know just when I need some Sibe shenanigans to make me smile! They are amazing, our dogs. Your journey is a special one, the ups and downs and all-arounds; and your beautiful Huskies will be there to support you and bring you smiles when you need them., and continue to fill your heart with love. I think it is great that you are going to school to be a vet. You’ll be a terrific one, too! Now…two more Huskies and you’ll join the Five Club with me! 😉

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    1. I’m sorry about your mom too. I know that must have been difficult to lose them both right there together. I love Siberians. They just have such big personalities. They help keep me going and active. I’d love to have 5 or 6 someday 😄


  5. I’ve had dogs almost my entire life. I’ve always thought of them as friends. Each one is different and has added to my life. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom but glad that you have your dogs, especially Echo during this difficult time.

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  6. I had not heard of the term heart dog, but it does describe the bond that I had with Cassie, my springer that I lost almost three years ago now. She really was a velcro dog and with her agility trials, I learned a lot about dog training. She came to work with me almost every day. The life of my first springer, Kaylee, inspired me to write a memoir about her. Cassie is also in that story. Hopefully, I’ll get it published soon!

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    1. Echo is Velcro too. I love bringing him with me to work because he will just follow me everywhere. Doing agility and rally with him has also taught me so much about dog training.
      Your memoir sounds like it will be very interesting!


  7. I never understood the term “heart dog” until my Montecristo. Amazing how a fluff ball can change you life around. In my case he became my “conduit” to managing my anxiety attacks. I can now fly and travel again. He’s my inspiration, companion … tiny heartbeat at my ankles. I know the heartbreak that lies ahead but we are making the absolute MOST of the time we share. It’s why he comes with when I travel – often for weeks at a time. Dogs… truly incredible animals. Glad you have yours.

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  8. i got a wonderful dog Emily right before I graduated from college. She got me through a first marriage, five years single and well into a good second marriage. All my dogs have enriched some time of my life. (YAYDog Clare)

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  9. Baby was my heart dog through the Domestic Violence relationship and after we ran together, without her I am not sure where I would be today. Since she passed and Layla came into my life I have been very blessed and count my blessings each day. You sound like an amazing Dog Mom and am so happy you found Echo to be part of your life.


  10. Each of my dogs has taught me something different about myself. With my last rescue, she was so traumatized that I found patience I never knew I had. We took everything at her pace, and when she decided to show me her trust and love, the reward was the biggest I’ve ever had. She became my “heart dog” 🙂

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    1. Rescue dogs are awesome. Echo and Yoshi are both rescues. Yoshi was going to be put to sleep at the shelter. I can’t even imagine that 😦 luckily the Rescue I volunteer with, Releashed Rescue, came and took him in and now he is with me ❤️

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  11. Is it hard to have a dog and be in college? I’ve heard of it being done, but never personally known anyone who’s done it. Or did you just leave her with your parents?


    1. When I lived on campus I had to leave her with my parents because the school did not allow dogs in dorms. However, the school I went to was only 40 minutes away from my parents house and I only lived on campus for a year. Dogs are my hobby and passion, so I made time for her during college. Hanging out with and taking her with me to events are something I enjoy. If you are someone who likes to go out a lot in college or stay out all night or aren’t home much, I would not recommend it. Cost is another thing to consider- you’ll have to buy dog food, pay for vet bills, and any other supplies your dog might need. This can limit your spending money for going out with friends or buying other things. For me, it was all worth it. However, some people would rather go out and party and spend money on other things and that is fine too. Just if you are one of those type of people, you should wait to get a dog until after school.

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      1. I already have a dog but I’m not in college yet. (Senior in high school.) I don’t know where I’m going yet but I’d like to live off campus if I can so I don’t have to leave her. We are very close, I just don’t know if I could leave her. Even just during the week I don’t know. She’s really bonded to me and not nearly as much to my parents. She likes them, but like I said, we’re super close.

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      2. It was the same way for me with Gracie. She liked my parents, but she was more bonded to me. For me, it was 100% worth it to have her with me, but it does mean you’ll have to make sacrifices for her with time and money. As far as studying and school stuff goes, I never had an issue since Gracie was perfectly happy to hang out with me while I studied.

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      3. Honestly I love her more than life itself, her life is more important to me than my own. I know to some that sounds irrational and ridiculous but what can I say? ❤

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