Total Digest Supplement Review and Giveaway

Dog health, nutrition, and general well-being are all things that I am passionate about. I love learning about different ways I can help my own dogs live healthier and happier lives. Thanks to technology and research, companies and veterinarians are constantly coming out with new products and techniques to help our pets. Even things like digestion, dental health, coat health, and activity level can be improved by just adding in different nutrients to your pet’s diet. I recently had the opportunity to try out a new supplement called Total Digest by Thomas Labs with two of my dogs to help improve nutrient absorption and digestive health.

What is Total Digest

The more I have learned about dog food, the more it has become clear that dog food is not one size fits all. Different dogs need different levels and types of nutrients in their diet and dogs respond to ingredients in different ways. Because of this, nutrient deficiencies in dogs are fairly common. Some signs that your dog could be lacking in certain nutrients are dull coat, poor dental health, low energy in a normally energetic breed, skin issues, and even digestive issues like loose stool or excess gas. Total Digest adds enzymes and other nutrients into your dog’s diet to help them break down the nutrients in the food you are already feeding, as well as support their digestive health by adding in probiotics.

Why I tried Total Digest with Echo and Enzo

I decided to try Total Digest out with Echo and Enzo since I thought they would benefit the most from it out of my dogs. You can use Total Digest with any dog, especially since it aids in nutrient absorption, which any dog could benefit from. However, I felt Echo would specifically benefit from Total Digest since he is taking additional supplements for his hips and joints and the enzymes in Total Digest could help him in his absorption of the nutrients in those supplements. Echo has also always had a sensitive stomach and could benefit from the extra digestion support from the probiotics in Total Digest. I also felt Enzo, our four month old puppy, would benefit from taking Total Digest. Puppies’ stomachs do get upset or unbalanced easily since everything they are trying and eating is pretty new to them. A probiotic helps the good bacteria in their digestive system stay balanced and happy, even when trying something new or switching foods. For Enzo, I wanted to see his stools firm up more, which is a sign of good digestive health. I think Total Digest will also be great for the puppy to aid in absorbing all the essential nutrients he needs to grow up strong and healthy!

After trying out Total Digest for two weeks

After having Echo and Enzo on Total Digest for two weeks, I have seen some definite changes. Enzo’s digestive health has improved and his stools are much more firm. This was one of the major things I was wanting to see improve for Enzo with Total Digest, so I am very happy that it happened. Echo has not had any digestive upset in the last two weeks, but I will have to continue to use it with him to know for sure if it has had an impact since he does not always get stomach upset every week or so. As far as his absorption of his hip and joint supplement, while I do not have proof via blood work or anything, I can say that I have seen him whining and hesitating less when getting up and down. Because of that, I do think his hips are feeling better than they were. This could be due to the Total Digest helping him to absorb more of the glucosamine and chondroitin in his supplement and food.

Conclusion and Giveaway 

Overall, I have been happy with Total Digest and the impact it has had on Echo and Enzo. I do want to continue to use it for them to keep Enzo’s digestive health regular and see if it continues to improve Echo’s sensitive stomach and nutrient absorption. Even if your pet doesn’t have a specific issue with digestion or isn’t on another supplement, Total Digest can help them to absorb more of the nutrients in their food while helping to maintain a healthy digestive system. Thomas Labs is giving away a container of Total Digest to one of our readers for you to try with your dog(s) or cat(s). To enter our giveaway for Total Digest, click here and follow the instructions in the new window. If you are interested in purchasing Total Digest to try with your pet, you can find it on the Thomas Labs site here and be sure to use the coupon code DIGEST2 at checkout or you can buy it on Amazon here.

How do you think your pet could benefit from Total Digest? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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Thanks for reading!

Katie, Gracie, Echo, Yoshi, and Enzo

Disclosure: All thoughts and opinions shared in this post are my own. Thomas Labs sent me Total Digest and compensation in exchange for an honest review of their product. A Girl and Her Husky is not receiving compensation for any purchases of Total Digest through Thomas Labs or Amazon. Giveaway product is being supplied directly from Thomas Labs and not A Girl and Her Husky. All photos are property of A Girl and Her Husky and may not be used without written permission. 

21 thoughts on “Total Digest Supplement Review and Giveaway

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    1. I totally understand that. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and it seems like your girls are sensitive to any changes in their environment or diet. I can see how making any changes like adding a supplement to their routine would need to be carefully thought out. My senior pup, Gracie, can be sensitive like that too. She’s gotten a lot better, but if she isn’t into something she would just refuse to eat even if I changed her food back to normal!


  1. I’ve been particularly interested in supplements for my dogs, especially my Husky Icy. One reason is that they’re both around 9 years old now and I want to make sure they are healthy for years to come. Total Digest sounds like a really helpful supplement, thanks for a great review on this.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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  2. I would love to try this out – I see there’s a cat on the package 🙂 I raw feed and I definitely notice a difference with enzymes and probiotics.

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  3. A supplement CAN make a difference so I am with you on encouraging people to take them up. We use probiotics for Mr Picky (Harvey is 15 and a fussy senior) so I know first-hand that supplements CAN help!

    Good luck in the giveaway everyone.

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  4. A good supplement can sometimes make a world of difference, particularly when dealing with digestive issues such as Jasmine’s IBD. I was supplementing probiotics and digestive enzymes.

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  5. This sounds very promising! I am so happy it is benefiting your Huskies! One of my Huskies has had digestive issues for a long time and I would love to try this for him. And my senior gal, at 14, is developing some skin issues as well as one of the other girls having severe arthritis. Thanks for the great review and for hosting the giveaway!

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    1. I’ve honestly been really pleased. Echo and Enzo are still taking it and I’m thinking of starting Yoshi and Gracie too. Echo still hasn’t had any digestive issues since starting Total Digest, which is really good. He’s had issues since I first brought him home 3 years ago.


  6. Looks like an interesting product for sure! I’ve also never heard of it before. My Kitsune has a really sensitive stomach but thankfully I’ve found supplements and foods that keep his tummy happy and healthy. I’m g

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    1. Haha sorry my comment got cut off thanks to my dog smacking the keyboard! I was going to write, I’m glad it sounds like you found something that works well for your adorable pups! Great post.

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  7. Sounds like an interesting product! We have not heard of this particular brand before, but I am hearing more about probiotics for gut health in dogs. Thanks for sharing

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  8. I’m glad your pups are having a good experience with Total Digest. We have not heard of them, so will check out. When pet parents add probiotics to their pet’s food the change can be fast, good, and long-term. We love pre and probiotics and try to add them naturally to my girl dog, Lulu’s, meals – she can get the yucks every now and then, so them help balance the gut bacteria.

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