Pack Leashes Bestie Collar and Bracelet reviews

The matching collar and bracelet combo has been a popular trend among pet owners in recent years. Who wouldn’t want to match with their furry best friend? It is a super cute trend that I see continuing for some time to come. More and more makers are coming out with different designs and options for you to match with your pup.

I had the opportunity to try out two matching collar and bracelet combos from Pack Leashes. I chose to try one cloth and one leather alternative with Enzo and Enzo, I picked the Native Bestie combo, a green and white patterned cloth collar and bracelet. When taking this collar out of the box, the shiny gold hardware snap buckle was the first thing I noticed. It appears to be high quality and is very striking. The fabric is stitched onto what looks like nylon for durability. Overall, it looks really well made and I really love color combo of the white and green with the gold. I would definitely purchase a collar in another pattern made the same as this Yoshi, I picked the Flower of Life combo, a blue leather alternative collar and bracelet. This collar is a traditional buckle and has the design printed on both sides of the material. While I do like the look of the first collar more, this one would probably be a better every day collar and for outdoor activities because the material is easier to clean. This collar also has gold hardware. The website does not list the exact leather alternative on the product description, but when I asked Pack Leashes they said it was faux leather. The most common type of faux leather is pleather. My prefered leather alternative for collars is BioThane, because it is more durable and typically looks nicer than pleather. However, pleather is still more durable and scratch resistant than real leather and is also waterproof.  Priced at over $40USD, I would prefer to see the higher quality leather alternative material being used, but I will continue to use this collar for Yoshi and I do like that it is easy to overall take on Pack Leashes’ Lifetime Bestie Bracelet and Collar combos is that they were well made and appear durable. The patterns available are cute and trendy. While I do prefer BioThane over pleather, these collars are high quality. I loved the cloth one a lot and the price point is about industry average for specialty collars, especially considering the price includes the bracelet as well. All of Pack Leashes’ Lifetime products have a lifetime guarantee and they donate two pounds of dog food for every purchase. Their website includes high quality photos of the products and is easy to navigate, but I would like to see more product descriptions with information on the materials and design. You can check out Pack Leashes’ selection of bestie collars here, as well as their other do you think about the matching collar and bracelet trend? Do you prefer cloth collars or leather alternative collars for your dog? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,

Katie, Gracie, Echo, Yoshi, and Enzo

Disclosure: All thoughts and opinions shared in this post are my own. Pack Leashes sent me Lifetime Bestie Collars and Bracelets in exchange for an honest review of their product. A Girl and Her Husky is not receiving compensation for any purchases from Pack Leashes. All photos are property of A Girl and Her Husky and may not be used without written permission. 


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