Simply Southern Siberians

I have been thinking about rebranding and changing the blog’s name for a while now. I finally took the plunge and have made the first steps in rebranding A Girl and Her Husky. A Girl and Her Husky was started when I was just 18 years old and enjoying life with my one Siberian Husky, Gracie. I wanted to write about our adventures together. My main goal was to share stories about my life with Gracie. As time has passed, I have gotten older and my goals with my dogs and my blog have changed. I have added three more Siberian Huskies to my family, graduated college, got married, bought a house, and started my career. In this time, I have also learned a lot more about dogs and Siberian Huskies. I have changed and grown as a dog owner. With this change, I felt myself distancing from A Girl and Her Husky. I still wanted to write and share my thoughts and stories, but I did not want to write on my blog. The brand and name no longer connected with me. After giving it some time and seeing if I would regain the passion for A Girl and Her Husky that I once had, I decided to change what I was doing all together and recreate a blog that I would feel passionate about again.

The main focus of Simply Southern Siberians will be very similar to A Girl and Her Husky in that I will still write about breed education and living with this wonderful breed. I hope to focus more on dog sports, activities owners can do with their dogs, and our journey together in the world of dogs. I will continue to learn and grow as a dog owner, handler, and as a person, and I hope I can share that journey with my readers. Dogs are my passion and always will be. As I get older and learn more, what that means and looks like has changed, and I am sure will continue to change. I do plan to write less product reviews and advice. I will still occasionally do those types of posts, but I do not want that to be my focus.

So why the name Simply Southern Siberians? I was born and raised and still live in Georgia. Being southern is part of who I am. I also want to be able to shed light on owning Siberian Huskies in the South. Many people are misguided in believing you can only own a Siberian Husky if you live somewhere super cold. However, Siberian Huskies can and do thrive in the South and can even still enjoy their favorite sport- mushing!  Even if I one day move out of the south, I will still always be a southern girl, and I hope Simply Southern Siberians will be a name that can stick with my blog for years to come.

In the coming weeks you will see these changes reflecting across my blog and social media pages. I have already began to make some of the changes. Once everything is together and transitioned over, I will be sure to share all my new links and pages with my readers!

I hope that those who have been reading and enjoying A Girl and Her Husky will stick around for Simply Southern Siberians!

Thanks for reading!

-The Simply Southern Siberians

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  1. It doesn’t feel like a major departure; I’m sure your readers will transition smoothly. I have a bigger problem changing both platforms, url, and name. While all the changes did make sense, it will be a while before things transfer to the new blog.


    1. Thank you! Yes, Gracie has lived in Georgia for almost 12 years and absolutely no issue. We do a lot of outdoor activities too! I’ve never had an issue with any of Siberian Huskies. They stay inside in the AC and we don’t go on walks during the heat of the day in summertime.


  2. Good luck with your rebranding. Sometimes a change of direction helps to provide a valuable focus for a blog, especially one with a valuable and important niche like yours.

    Good luck.

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew

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  3. I like the new name! I totally dig it. WOW…I aspire to do like you and be blogging for a long time. Your previous name lasted a long time but I totally understand about rebranding and growth. It’s necessary. I’ve only been blogging 3 years and have shifted some of my content focus to grow and expand with my passions and my readers desires. I get it! Good luck with the transition. It looks like you are off to a great start. Wishing you a smooth transition. You can never go wrong but staying true to who you are. Your huskies are gorg by the way.

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  4. Hello, I really like the new title: Simply Southern Siberians. The pictures of your Huskies are so gorgeous. Looks like you are off to a great start. Very Nice (From Dachshund Station)

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