Hello! Thank you for checking out my blog, Simply Southern Siberians, formerly A Girl and Her Husky. My name is Katie and I have four Siberian Huskies- senior girl Gracie, mixed breed Echo, blue eyed Yoshi, and Enzo, the show dog. Below is our story of how we all came together and how Simply Southern Siberians came to be.

The Start

Gracie came into my life when I was just 14 years old and she was 10 months. I was instantly in love with her. She has taught me so much about this wonderful breed and is the reason I have the other three! I started the blog with just her and she will always hold a special place in my heart.


Siberian Number Two

After graduating college, I got Echo from a local Siberian Husky rescue, Releashed Rescue. He was a little puppy from a hoarding situation. Releashed had rescued his mom and her 6 puppies. I came to visit them and fell in love with little Echo. Echo had a DNA test done that revealed he is Siberian Husky, Rough Collie, and Chow Chow. He is my buddy and loyal companion. He came to work with me every day for the first two years of his life. Echo has earned his CGCA and TKN. I hope to one day get back into rally with him, but for now he is on a break until he can get surgery to fix his severe hip dysplasia.


Foster Dogs

Yoshi came into my life originally as a foster dog from Releashed Rescue. Yoshi had been a heartworm positive stray before ending up at an animal control shelter. Once his time was up there, one of the shelter workers reached out to the rescue in an effort to not see him euthanized. Releashed took him in and started his heartworm treatment. He became my foster dog shortly after and he was such a perfect fit for our home and “pack” that we decided to keep him. Yoshi is totally in love with my husband, so I call him Dylan’s dog. Yoshi is my first dog that I am able to get more into sports with. We have began to learn more about dry land mushing and bikejoring together. We go running and hiking as well. I hope to compete in Fast CAT with Yoshi and hope he is the start of my own dryland mushing team! Yoshi is a total goofball and is always happy. He is the kind of dog that will always make you smile.


How I got into show dogs

Shortly after getting Echo, I became really interested in dog sports and conformation. I researched more and decided I wanted to try to do some sports with Echo. We started training for rally and agility before I realized something was up with his hips. The genetic problems, like hip dysplasia, epilepsy, cataracts, and temperament issues, are what first got me interested in dogs who have health testing and titles. It breaks my heart to see dogs who have to suffer through genetic diseases that could have been avoided. I have a dog with epilepsy, a dog with hip dysplasia, and a dog with juvenile cataracts. Researching and learning all of this is what initially got me interested in well bred dogs and conformation. After learning more, I decided I would like to try to show a dog in conformation and learn from people who have spent decades investing in the breed that I love. I contacted some Siberian Husky breeders who show in conformation and have healthy and structurally sound dogs, and I began to go to dog shows to learn more. I got connected with a wonderful lady near me that had dogs I liked very much and she started teaching me about how to show Siberian Huskies, proper care and grooming of a show dog, and much more. After about two years of going to shows and talking with her, I got a puppy. “Enzo,” Halo’s Coming in Hot CGCA. He is everything I was hoping and waiting for. I have become friends with his breeder and we travel with her to shows. She has taught me so much about showing  and the breed, and has introduced me to some really wonderful people who also love Siberian Huskies. Enzo is still a puppy, but he is already doing well in the ring. I hope to share our dog show adventures on the blog!


What about rescue?

I still support and am passionate about rescue dogs. I hope to eventually be able to foster again, but had to take a break due to Gracie being stressed out with new dogs constantly in and out of the house. Gracie is a senior and I believe it was too much for her to have to be introduced to a strange dog in her home every few months. Echo and Yoshi are both very important to me and I am thankful to Releashed for rescuing them. I will continue to support and work with this rescue as long as I can! Siberian Huskies are continuously becoming more and more popular, which unfortunately means more people trying to make money off of breeding them. These people do not care what happens to their puppies after they go to their new homes and often refuse to take them back if an issue comes up. Because of this, more and more Siberian Huskies are being seen in shelters. I am always happy to share rescue dogs and help connect people with a Siberian Husky rescue in their area.

Do you have any other questions about me or my dogs? Feel free to ask me below!

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  1. My name is Crystal, I live in Georgia (Southern Georgia). I have a 4 month male Siberian Husky and I love him to death, but right now he is teething and I have tried almost everything i can think of to get him to stop biting me, my shoes, my clothes, etc. Is their anything that you can think of that might help me with this problem. I know that he will have his full set of teeth when he is 7 months but need help now. (this is my first husky, did all the research i could and I got him from a private person)..

    Thanks a Million,

    Crystal and Smoke the Husky


    1. Hi Crystal,
      Thank you for reaching out to me. I got Gracie when she was already a year old, however I have talked to plenty of other husky owners about teething puppies. They seem to find the best solution to be chew toys that he is interested in and redirection. When he starts biting you, get his attention with a rope or squeaky toy. He needs to know that it’s okay to chew on those, but not on you or your things.If your puppy is biting you, you want to make sure he knows this is an unacceptable behavior. If doesn’t learn this now, it will be more difficult when he is larger and has adult teeth. This is also a good age to enroll into a puppy obedience class. The trainer would help you with behaviors like these and he will learn proper manners early on. Maybe research some good teething toys and treats for puppies. I hope this helps and good luck with Smoke!



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