Thank you for your interest in my blog! Simply Southern Siberians focuses on high quality pet product reviews, advice for dog owners, and information on the Siberian Husky breed.


I am currently looking for brands to sponsor my blog. In return, I will create an honest review on your product or brand and share it across social media. If you are looking for a more long-term relationship with a blog and if your brand works for me and my dogs, I will continue to use and promote your product. At the bottom of this page are some stats for my blog, which I update at the end of each month.

I have three dogs, 2-year-old Echo, 1.5-year-old Yoshi, and 10-year-old Gracie, who I try products with. For dog foods, all of my dogs are currently on a half raw diet and half grain free kibble. We are open to trying new raw dog foods and high quality dry dog foods. I am also open to any kind of high quality treat. This means no treats with by products, corn, wheat, or soy and no artificial preservatives or colors.


Please contact me at agirlandherhusky@gmail.com if you are interested in working with me and for more information on compensation!

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